The long lasting and efficient experience made in first line with the biggest porcelain and tableware factories has been successfully transferred in the Glass industry (Tableware, Bottles and Perfumery specially). All our automatic machines for decorating plates and items, have been immediately understood and appreciated by the market. The two bigger areas we have been mostly asked to provide to, are:
  • Decorating 
  • Glazing
In these two productive areas we take the risk to sound self-confident by saying we do not fear any competitor, especially in terms of:
  1. Personalized solutions
  2. Quality,
  3. Flexibility,
  4. High performances
  5. Assistance
  6. Delivery Terms
  7. Costs & results
For Glass, some of the machinery we can provide are:
  1. Automatic loading & Unloading systems
  2. Automatic flat screen printing lines from 1 to 5 or more colors, for plates or flat articles
  3. Automatic in-line direct Screen printing lines for plates from 1 to5 or more colors
  4. Automatic screen printing lines for handle items, granting a decoration next to the handle
  5. Automatic screen printing line for cups and mug with or without handle
  6. Automatic in-line Threading lines
  7. Automatic Circular Threading line for special decoration effects (platinum, gold, ect.)
  8. Automatic in-line Pad Printing lines from1 to 10 or more colors (unique worldwide layout).
  9. Automatic Rotary Glazing lines with 1 or two glazing cabins and equipped with filtering room for possible overspray.
  10. Automatic double heads Spray guns machines.
  11. Automatic pickling lines for plates or glasses.