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CFI interview to Sergio Miotto:

Mr. Sergio Miotto’s presentation of Emme-Enne factory:
“The evident result of our work, is that we project and build machines directly on the customer’ specifications, delivering our Clients always the best solution for their application. Finally, each machine, in a certain way, is unique and makes our General Machinery & Automation Catalogue continuously updated. That’s why the most part of our technologies are specific Patents of our own property. Our systems are available for the entire production chain, with varying levels of automation depending on the specific layout and type of production at the customer facility. For the Porcelain & Tableware Industry, we cover the entire productive cycle, from Mixing & Preparation Section, through Shaping and Bisque Handling; Glazing to Decoration at all level, including Automatic direct and indirect Screen Printing Machines from 1 to 5 and more colors, Automatic Pad Printing Lines, Threading Machines, Special Effects machines, Automatic Handling, Automatic feeding systems to the lehr, connections and conveyors, and finally, Service Support to ensure optimum machine performances. The goal is always the same: supplying customers with the best high-tech solution to guarantee high-quality products combined with a substantial reduction of the production costs. According to our professional experience in first line together with Producers, it wasn’t hard for us to foresee, years ago, the unavoidable market crisis we are leaving now. Thanking to the direct contact with the productive reality, we had realized which could be the severe problems associated with a production strategy based purely on the reduction of the productive costs and refractory to fight the unfair competitiveness by adopting a technology-based strategy. The attention for QUALITY must be always high, but also competitive in terms of COSTS: this has always been our approach, as we are perfectly aware that in the balance between Quality & Costs, the last often are winner, unless you start thinking that the most important goal is to obtain both.
Emme-Enne may help you in this sense. Ask us how we can”.