Porcelain & Tableware

Emme-Enne is able to offer to its Clients a complete machinery catalogue, covering the entire productive cycle: from mixing & preparation area, through shaping & biscuit phase; to decoration and glazing phase, excluding firing.
Specifically we can provide to:
  1. Stocking machinery and movement automatic solutions for raw materials.
  2. Filter-pressing and out gassing machinery 
  3. Automatic casting machinery
  4. Drying and finishing machinery
  5. Automatic Glazing machinery (with patented in-dipping technology, Rotating types, Spraying types)
  6. Automatic decoration line (Spray machineries, Direct and Indirect Screen Printing machineries, Special Screens assistance, Threading machineries, Special effects and plus decorative combination thanks to the modular layout in-line of our machinery)
  7. Movement and moving technologies for connections and conveyors
  8. Finishing & brushing automatic machinery
  9. Automatic loading & unloading systems
  10. Automatic feeding system to the lehr